ATHENA Leadership Award in Akron

Since 2003, the ATHENA Leadership Award has been presented in Akron by Inside Business Magazine.

2017 ATHENA Akron Leadership Award
Save the date: Nov 2, 2017 5:30-8:30
President’s Hall at the Akron Urban League
440 Vernon Odom Boulevard Akron, OH 44307

Click here for a list of the ATHENA Leadership Award finalists and recipients from Akron 2003 – 2015.

Terri Heckman, 2015 Leadership Award Recipient for Akron

Terri Heckman, CEO of Battered Women’s Shelter & Rape Crisis Center, was the 2015 ATHENA Leadership Award recipient from Akron.  This short video shows her finalist video during the awards ceremony on May 6, 2015.

FedEx Custom Critical was honored with the ATHENA Leadership Organizational Award in 2015.


From left: Terri Heckman, Akron recipient of the ATHENA Leadership Award and Linda Warren, Cleveland recipient at the Northeast Ohio ATHENA Awards dinner May 6 at the Hilton Akron/Fairlawn.

Laurie Zuckerman, 2014 ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient from Akron

ATHENA Leadership Award - Laurie Zuckerman 2014 Akron Leadership

Dianne Newman, 2013 ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient from Akron

Candace Campbell Jackson, 2012 ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient from Akron


ATHENA Leadership Award Recipients (from left) Jackie Silias-Butler 2009, Ilene Shapiro 2008, Cynthia Capers 2005, together with board members from ATHENA International: Chris Brown, Judith Lancaster, and Norma Rist.  Norma Rist was the 2003 ATHENA Leadership Award recipient for Akron.

Norma Rist (left) President of ATHENA Akron and ATHENA International board member with Frank Bird, publisher of Inside Business and sponsor of the ATHENA Leadership Awards for Cleveland and Akron, together with Judit Pukas, PhD, an Akron ATHENA Leadership Award Finalist.

Akron ATHENA Leadership Award Recipients (from left:) 2003 Norma Rist; 2011 Julia Hall, CPA, BCG & Co.- ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award; 2007 Theresa Carter; 2011 Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer, Summit County Court of Common Pleas; 2010 Daisy Alford-Smith, Ph.D; 2009 Jacqueline Silas-Butler, Esq.; 2005 Debra Adams Simmons and 2008 Ilene Shapiro.
2011 ATHENA International Young Professional Award in Akron Julia Hall, CPA, MT, BCG & Company 2011 ATHENA International Award Finalists for Akron: Judge Carla Moore, Judge, Ninth District Court of Appeals; Tracy L. Carter MHSA. System Director, Government Affairs and Health Policy, Summa Health System; Kathy L. Stafford, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Strategy, Marketing and Communications, Akron General Medical Center; Bernett L. Williams, Vice President of External Relations, Akron Children’s Hospital; and Judge Elinore March Stormer, Judge, Summit County Court of Common Pleas