2017 ATHENA Leadership Award Nomination

Nomination deadline for upload, email or postmark is Sunday August 20, 2017. Click here to download the 2017 ATHENA Leadership Award Nomination form. Please fill out the form completely.

You may send the nomination one of three ways:

1. To send the nomination by mail, please print out and mail it to:

ATHENA Leadership Award Nomination
c/o ATHENA Akron
2106 Braewick Circle, Suite 202
Akron, Ohio 44313

If you choose to mail it, please email Jana McClish so we know to expect your nomination by USPS mail.

2. To send the nomination by email, please save the form as an attachment and email to:

Jana McClish, ATHENA Akron Administrator. Her email is Jana.McClish@gmail.com
You should receive a confirmation within 24 hours that she has received your email.

3. To send the nomination from this website, save the form on your computer (Word Doc or PDF) and upload the nomination form as an attachment. You may also include any additional information you feel is important for consideration of your nominee. (Word Doc, PDF, or JPG)

Please submit the nomination in one of the following formats: PDF or Word Doc.

Upload additional information in the following formats: PDF, Word Doc, or JPG